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I was born here in Kelowna. Mike and I were married here and we have raised our four children here. The longer I live here, the more I love it. 

This place is absolutely beautiful! 

I enjoy meeting people from all over the world; providing them with an opportunity to experience our world-renowned vineyards and orchards..... the roots of our community "

~Terri Metcalfe ~

I was born in British Columbia. The Okanagan is my home. I have lived here from an very early age.

I highly value the pioneer spirit that has set a firm foundation for this region. I have watched the evolution of the fledging BC wine industry to the award winning status that it holds today. I believe in this valley.

~Michael L Metcalfe~

absorb. breathe. capture.

Let us be the first to welcome you to the Okanagan Valley!

Roots & Vines Tour Co. invites you to not only tour, but to engage your senses.....

Taste and experience the Okanagan's finest.

Our guided tours are built on insider knowledge of the region, the culinary sensibilities of a dyed-in-the-wool foodie, and a strong foundation of family values.

With so much that the Okanagan has to offer, the choices can be overwhelming, but we carefully crafted a number of tours to suit your particular tastes.

We offer wine tours at Kelowna wineries, South Okanagan wine tours, Adventure tours, (activity + wine tour)

Beer & Distillery tours and more!

But with every one, we provide front row seats to a picturesque journey, full of memorable sights, sounds and sensations.

We facilitate a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for people to learn about our valley...about our wines, our cuisine and the natural beauty of our landscape. Our hope is that YOU will experience genuine hospitality and feel a sense of being grafted into the local community.


Hometown hospitality, rooted in rich heritage; 

that's what Roots and Vines is all about.

We invite you to spend some time with us, take a break from your busy life.

If you need to get away, we are your getaway car - 
Unwinding from the stress of your week, from the crush of people in the elevator, from the draining humdrum of traffic, the noise and exhaust of the city.

Come explore our deep roots, find your own 'sense of place'.

Fresh mountain air, friendly faces, world-class wine.

When you're with the Metcalfes, you're with family! 

Guided Tours with  Roots & Vines Tour Co. 

True to our Roots

​Hometown Hospitality

Rich Heritage

​​Family owned and operated

Roots & Vines offers guided tours at 

Kelowna wineries, Okanagan wine tours,
Adventure tours, Beer & Distillery tours 
and more.